Things to Avoid

There are many potential dangers to your carpet in your home, but if you take the time to notice them you can prevent damage and have a long lasting, beautiful carpet. Good luck and remember to call your carpet cleaner at least once a year for a thorough carpet cleaning.

1. Keep carpets away from direct sun light to prevent fading of color

2. When tackling a stain, always blot from the outside in, never scrub or rub as this will cause permanent damage to the carpet.

3. Do not over-wet your carpet. Over-wetting can cause brownout, shrinkage, and adhesion problems.

4. Avoid flooding a stain. The longer your carpet stays damp, the more chance there is for mildew and bacteria to grow. Dampness also puts the backing of your carpet at risk for separation.

5. Do not overuse detergents, shampoos, or spotters. These can discolor your carpet. Try blotting with cool water only, and contact a professional if you cannot remove any stains or dirt.

6. Planters should never be placed on the carpet. They can overflow or collect condensation. When they do, the mineral rich water can stain your carpet permanently.

7. Never scotchgard or coat a dirty or spotty carpet, as this will seal in the dirt, making it harder to remove the next time you clean. Protective coating should only be applied right after a professional cleaning.

8. Varnish on furniture can easily transfer to your carpet. Be sure to place furniture pads under the legs of varnished furniture, especially antiques and those with darker finishes.

9. Never try to steam clean silk carpeting. Always have it professionally cleaned.

​10. Limit the amount of candles you burn. Candles can produce soot which will settle on your carpeting, and can be especially difficult to remove. When you do burn candles, trim the wicks to reduce soot, and opt for quality candles which will have less impurities in the wicks.