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Utilize your hand-me-down rug in a new space, or transform that rug you’ve had for years with our custom rug cutting services to fit any space in your home. Perhaps you need the perfect rug size for a dance studio or dance floor, or maybe you want a rug precisely trimmed to enhance your office. You want to keep that rug for your space, and you can do so with exceptional results when you hire Megerian Rug and Carpet Cleaners. We utilize advanced techniques and equipment for rug color correction and to resize and shape your rugs so they fit any space you need. The results are nothing short of perfect.

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Professional Custom Rug Cutting with Over 100 Years of Experience

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Cutting a rug is not as simple as it sounds. It takes refined skills and the right equipment to ensure the best possible outcome. As an experienced rug trimming and resizing service, our team can handle any task you have with careful attention to detail. Just reach out to us for a quote for the services you need.

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A Rug Cutting Service Focused on Attention to Detail

A rug is cut to the correct size for your specific needs. We then take the cut edges. This may include adding hand or machine binding to the edges or, in some cases, adding fringe to the cut piece. In many situations, this process makes your rug look brand new again, getting rid of troubled areas or simply sizing it down to fit a space a bit better. We can also turn your larger rug into two so you can share the beauty of it with others or in two rooms of your home.

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Trust our professional rug repair team to offer support for any repairs the rug needs as well. For example, rug fringe repair is often necessary if you have fringes that are missing or falling apart. We can fix this as we properly size your rug.

Our rug trimming service and professional rug resizing is done within our state-of-the-art rug repair facility, which helps ensure flawless results. More so, our Master Rug Makers can handle any specific area of concern, including complex rug edge replacement.

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If your rugs are damaged, that is a sign you need service. When it comes to rug blocking and stretching or full custom rug cutting service, let the team at Megerian Rug and Carpet Cleaners handle the task for you with exceptional attention to detail. With over 100 years of experience in rug repair and restoration on Long Island, you can depend on us for all of our services.

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FAQs About Rug Cutting Services

It is generally not recommended to cut a rug yourself. Professional rug-cutting services, like those offered by Megerian Rug and Carpet Cleaners, provide precise cuts without risking damage to the rug. Cutting a rug DIY-style can lead to uneven edges, fraying, or even permanent damage, especially if the rug is of a delicate or valuable nature. Our experienced rug cutters use specialized equipment to ensure clean, even cuts, preserving the beauty and integrity of your rug.

Almost any type of rug can be resized by our professional rug resizing service. Whether it’s an oriental rug requiring delicate handling, an antique rug needing careful preservation, or a more durable synthetic rug, our skilled technicians are equipped to adjust the size without losing the rug’s aesthetic or structural quality. We consider the specific characteristics of each rug, ensuring our rug-cutting service provides the best outcome for your specific needs.

Yes, the fringes can be removed from a rug. Our professional rug trimming service includes the removal of old or damaged fringes, which are replaced with new fringes. This can refresh the appearance of the rug and often make it better suited for modern decor styles. At Megerian Rug and Carpet Cleaners, we ensure that after removing the fringes, the rug’s edges are finished properly to prevent unraveling and maintain the rug’s overall aesthetic. This process not only updates the look of the rug but also extends its life by removing potentially worn or damaged elements.

Rug resizing can transform the look and function of your rug. After cutting a rug to your desired dimensions, we meticulously rebind the edges to give it a seamless finish. This process not only adjusts the size but can also remove worn or damaged sections, making the rug appear new and better suited to your space.

Before deciding to resize a rug, consider the rug’s material, design, and the location where it will be placed. It’s important to ensure that resizing will not disrupt the rug’s pattern or integrity, especially for complex designs like those found in oriental rugs. Consulting with our professional rug resizing team at Megerian can provide insight into what modifications are possible and how they might affect the overall look and function of the rug. We help clients understand the benefits and any limitations of resizing, ensuring that the final product aligns with their expectations and décor needs.

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