Rug Blocking & Stretching Service

Rug Blocking & Stretching Service

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Changes in weather, conditions, and just day-to-day use may make your rug less “flat” and more of a risk of being tripped over. They warp, lose their shape, and are no longer the proper size and fit they once were. Over time, rugs can also shrink and stretch out of shape if the fibers are no longer functioning the way they were originally meant to. At Megerian Rugs and Carpet Cleaners, we take pride in restoring the beauty and handiwork of your area rugs to their original glory. Often, over time, oriental rugs and other area rugs will seem to shrink or change in shape enough that they no longer fit the floor properly. We can fix these problems with comprehensive rug blocking and stretching services. Rugs will also need to be stretched following an overnight soaking as a part of that process.

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Rug Blocking And Stretching Services You Can Rely On

rug blocking and rug stretching

When you need rug repair in Long Island , especially rug stretching, there is no more experienced and trusted team in the industry. We will work with you to ensure your rug is restored to its original shape. Stretching a rug is not something done just by pulling on the edge, though. Rather, these services take paying careful attention to the details of the fibers and require professional techniques to pull and restore the proper size without damaging the actual texture of the rug. Our goal is to prolong the life and beauty of your rug.

Completing the Rug Stretching Service

Our professional rug shearing services are designed to be all-inclusive so we can create a smooth carpet without any wrinkles or warp evidence. With our rug blocking and stretching service, we properly restore the shape using the appropriate carpet stretcher and other equipment.

From there, we can tackle any other rug repair needs present, including rug fringe repair if the area rug’s fringe is damaged. We also offer rug binding repair⠀ if the binding is coming off one end or both. If there is actual damage to the rug’s structure, our repair services include rug patching services. This can help eliminate holes and damaged areas to create a beautiful, quality rug again.

Rug Blocking & Stretching Solutions from a Trusted Team

rug blocking and rug stretching

When we stretch your rug, whether it is wool, cotton, or another material, the process helps to restore the rug to the proper size so it sits in the right position as it was when you made the original purchase.

Start-of-the-art rug repair facilities are used to ensure the best possible results, and with a team of certified Megerian technicians, we can ensure your cherished results. Set up a free quote for any of the rug stretching services you need. Expect exceptional service from our highly trained team for rug blocking and rug blocking & stretching services for your high-quality rug. Contact us now for a quote.

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FAQs About Rug Stretching Services

Rug blocking and stretching are processes used to correct distortions in a rug’s shape and flatness. Blocking involves reshaping and sizing a rug to its original dimensions, usually by wetting and pinning it to a flat surface until it dries. Stretching addresses issues where a rug may have become bunched or wrinkled, using specialized equipment to pull the rug back into shape gently. Both services help maintain the rug’s appearance and prolong its lifespan.

Rugs need to be stretched because they can become misshapen, wrinkled, or bunched over time due to regular use, changes in humidity, or improper storage. Stretching helps realign the fibers and restore the rug to its original flat condition, reducing trip hazards and improving the overall appearance of the rug.

Stretching your rug yourself is not recommended. Rug stretching requires specific tools and expertise to avoid damaging the rug’s fibers. Professional rug stretching services use the right techniques and equipment to safely restore your rug without compromising its texture or causing additional wear.

The frequency of professional stretching or blocking depends on the rug’s material, usage, and placement. Generally, it’s advisable to have rugs professionally stretched or blocked every few years or whenever you notice signs of buckling or shrinking. For rugs in high-traffic areas or those susceptible to humidity changes, more frequent service may be necessary to maintain their condition and appearance.

Rug blocking and stretching can effectively fix many types of size distortions, but the success largely depends on the extent of the distortion and the rug’s material. These techniques are highly effective for correcting minor to moderate issues, ensuring rugs lay flat and fit well within your space. However, severe distortions may require additional repairs or treatments.

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