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A stunning rug passed down from generations may become less taut and even fall apart in some areas. This can happen if the rug has significant damage from wear and tear, but it can also occur due to improper storage. Megerian Rugs and Carpet Cleaners offer comprehensive rug reweaving services. A damaged rug, especially antique rugs, oriental rugs, and other cherished rugs, requires a very specific skill to reweave and complete repairs properly. As rug repair experts with over 100 years of industry experience serving our clients, you can trust us for all of your rug repair needs.

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Comprehensive, Careful Rug Reweaving Service

rug reweaving service

If you have an antique rug that is 100 years old or an oriental rug made through traditional methods using fine silks and other materials, the process of reweaving must be done properly to ensure the overall condition and value is maintained. Our team offers professional rug reweaving done through trusted methods. You can count on superior rug repair.

We use the same fabrics and colors in our rug reweaving process. This ensures the repair work is exceptional and the original beauty of the rug is revitalized and restored. Our goal is to utilize these services to handle just about any type of repair need, including fixing large holes or replacing a missing part in the rug or carpets. We can use rug reweaving services like these to fix all types of holes, a tear or two in the material, or rectify even the worst moth damage. It is time-consuming and a work of passion, but you can expect us to remediate rug damage for good.

Full-Service Antique Area Rug Reweaving Service

Area rug repair for old rugs or even a new rug can require multiple steps. This includes rug shearing service when there is spilling on the surface. Our repair services also include fringe replacement for rugs and rug binding repair when these services are needed alongside rug reweaving.

This full, comprehensive restore process allows for every detail to be considered. From getting the color just right to ensuring the intricate pattern is taken into consideration as the original weavers intended, we put exceptional effort into managing the entire process with care. Rug reweaving can be highly effective at restoring the beauty of your older rugs. That includes the antique rug passed down for generations and the oriental rugs you purchased while you were traveling. Let us offer comprehensive improvement of your rugs.

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rug reweaving service

At Megerian Rugs and Carpet Cleaners, we take pride in offering highly certified technicians with ample skill in the area of specialized rug reweaving. Most importantly, we care about ensuring you get exceptional results that last a lifetime. We use state-of-the-art methods for all antique rugs and oriental rug repair projects. From the edges to the center, cleaned, repaired, and restored rugs can look like new again, especially when you choose our experienced team to do the work for you.

Contact us for immediate help with any rug damage or repair needs you have. Expect us to create the best possible restoration of your antique or oriental rug.

FAQs About Rug Reweaving Services

Rug reweaving is a meticulous repair process used to restore damaged or worn areas in rugs, particularly valuable or antique ones. This service involves recreating the damaged section by weaving new threads that match the rug’s original fibers and design, ensuring the repair blends seamlessly with the rest of the rug. Professional rug reweaving can revive a rug’s aesthetic and structural integrity, making it a crucial service for maintaining the rug’s value and appearance.

Restoring an antique rug typically involves several steps, including cleaning, reweaving, and sometimes dyeing to match the original colors. Each step is carefully executed to preserve the rug’s historical value and aesthetic qualities. Our professional rug reweaving services ensure that every aspect of the rug, from the fibers used to the weaving technique, is appropriately chosen to maintain the rug’s original look and feel.

Yes, a professionally restored oriental rug can maintain or even increase in value, especially when the restoration work respects and preserves the rug’s original craftsmanship and materials. Effective restoration, like our oriental rug reweaving service, can enhance the rug’s beauty and durability, making it a valuable piece for both current enjoyment and as a future heirloom.

Reweaving complex rug patterns requires expert knowledge of traditional weaving techniques and a keen eye for detail. The main challenges include matching the original weaving style, color, and material composition. Our skilled technicians specialize in complex pattern reweaving, ensuring that every restored piece retains its original design integrity and aesthetic value.

When done professionally, reweaving should not significantly affect the feel of the rug. Our expert rug reweavers use materials and techniques that aim to replicate the original texture as closely as possible, ensuring that the rug remains comfortable and consistent in feel across its entire surface.

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