rug shearing service

Rug Shearing Service

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High traffic, damaged fibers, and pilling go hand-in-hand. Those small bumps and matted spots of material create an uneven surface and can also further damage the rug over time if not properly removed and restored. Rug shearing is a very important restoration process that is necessary for some area rugs and specialty rugs. Rug shearing allows us to properly remove the damaged fibers and gives your rug a like-new look. At Megerian Rugs and Carpet Cleaners, our highly trained and dedicated team of rug restoration experts can help remove the pilling and damage to your rug to restore its original beauty. Rug shearing services are often completed alongside our rug repair and cleaning process, allowing us to fully restore the beauty of your antique rug, specialty rug, or wool rug.

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Professional Rug Shearing Service Revitalizes Older Rugs

rug shearing service

From foot traffic to normal rug wear and tear, damage to the fiber can cause the material to become damaged on just the outer surface of the rug. We use a process that is much like hair trimming, in which we remove the very top layer of the fibers to reduce all of the material buildup and damage from the surface. This allows the original fibers to be exposed and the vibrant color and texture to be restored. It can be remarkable to see the difference if your current rug has damage from wear, pets, or even dust buildup.

Let Us Restore Your Rug with Professional Rug Shearing Service

We can provide rug shearing for a wide range of rugs. Depending on the method created and the material used, we can use this method on both rugs and carpets, including wool, cotton, silk, Persian rugs, oriental rugs, antique rugs, and those with unique dyes and sun damage. It may help rugs with damage from spills that cause the fiber to become distorted. It may also help with woven rugs to remove the buildup of material that often occurs due to sun damage. In some situations, improper use of chemicals and other treatments to remove mildew or mold from the surface of the carpets can also lead to this damage.

Rug shearing gives it a new lease on life. Let us remove the debris and damage to these materials, get rid of the fading and pilling, and create a like-new look for your rug.

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Rug Shearing Service

As a team that offers full rug repair services, you can count on Megerian Rugs and Carpet Cleaners to tackle even the largest projects with care. That includes rug edge repair and, in more serious cases, rug reweaving.

With full cleaning and rug resizing also available, our process can help your rug look beautiful again. Our service is backed by our guarantee of superior workmanship and outstanding service. We have built our business on over 100 years of service to the community in a family-owned and passed-down business that is committed to our clients.

As true professionals, let us help you to bring back the stunning beauty of your rug. Contact us for a free quote today.

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FAQs About Rug Shearing Service

Rug shearing is a process that involves trimming the top layer of a rug’s pile to remove uneven, worn, or matted fibers, giving the rug a refreshed and even appearance. This technique is similar to shearing wool from sheep, as it helps to restore the original texture and enhances the vibrancy of the rug’s color by exposing fresher fibers underneath.

Brushing can help in maintaining a rug’s appearance by removing loose fibers and aligning the pile, but it is not sufficient for restoring a damaged rug. For issues like deep stains, matting, or significant fiber wear, professional rug shearing services are recommended to physically remove the damaged layers and revive the rug’s aesthetic and functional qualities.

While very basic cleaning and stain removal can be done at home, professional rug cleaning services are recommended in most cases, especially for deep-set stains, extensive damage, or high-value rugs. Professional services use specialized equipment and techniques that not only remove stains more effectively but also ensure the rug’s longevity by avoiding damage during the cleaning process.

Rug shearing effectively removes surface damage such as pilling, minor matting, and general wear. However, it is not suitable for repairing structural damages like tears, deep stains, or burns. Such issues may require more intensive repair techniques, such as patching or reweaving.

Professional rug shearing offers precision and expertise that DIY methods lack. Professionals use specialized shearing equipment to ensure an even cut and avoid damaging the rug’s foundation or shearing off too much. Additionally, they have experience in handling various rug types and fibers, ensuring that the shearing enhances the rug’s appearance without shortening its lifespan.

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