Rug Binding Edge Repair and Hand Serging

Rug Binding, Edge Repair and Hand Rug Serging

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Signs of wear on rugs often include edge fraying or binding that is no longer tightly holding the material together. When your rug’s edges are worn, the entire rug is at risk of unraveling without proper repair to the carpet binding, customized rug binding for unique projects, and edge repair. At Megerian Rugs and Carpet Cleaning, we offer comprehensive rug binding repair services, including hand serging. With over 100 years of experience, our company – handed down from generation to generation – has the skills to handle even the most delicate of projects for binding, repair, and fraying repair.

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Expert Rug Binding, Edge Repair and Rug Serging Service

Rug Binding Edge Repair Hand Serging

Our rug edge repair service begins with a full inspection of the rug or carpet to determine what services are necessary. With rug repair service, we pay very close attention to the individual needs of your rug and apply our hands-on skills to the area rug. As professionals, we understand the importance of careful attention to detail for all rug binders and carpet serging efforts. Expect comprehensive support and intricate guidance.

How A Hand Serging Service Works

Hand serging is the process of wrapping the sides of the rug, a common practice with oriental rugs made of wool, goat hair, silk, or cotton. However, over time, the adhesive and woven texture can begin to suffer damage from holes in the materials to fraying. When this happens, it can cause the area rug or accent rug to roll under along the sides to create a tripping hazard on the floor. Other times, rugs begin to fall apart.

We offer custom solutions through our full rug reweaving service for any damaged areas. With our rug serging service, we use our expert craftsmanship to address the rug binding or carpet binding with care. The carpet edge binding must be done by a professional with skill in this area to ensure they are bound properly, and the materials remain in place long term, even with the pressure of day-to-use use.

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What Makes Our Rug Binding Repair Service Different?

Rug Binding, Edge Repair and Hand Serging

When you utilize any of our services, including rug resizing and cutting or rug fringe repair and replacement, you always get highly talented and expert attention to meet your needs. We use only the very best machine and hand applications to repair and protect the edges of your rug, restoring its beauty and function as we do so.

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Contact Megerian Rugs and Carpet Cleaners to work with our expert rug repair team. Let us offer comprehensive help, including full rug serging and rug edge repair services. We handle all types of materials and provide repaired, beautifully restored results every time. Trust our technicians, all of whom are certified Megerian Technicians, to protect your cherished rugs.

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FAQs About Rug Binding Services

Rug binding is a finishing process where the edges of a rug are encased with fabric or yarn to prevent fraying and unraveling. This technique not only extends the life of a rug by securing its edges but also enhances its appearance. Our rug binding service ensures that every rug, whether old or new, maintains its structural integrity and aesthetic value through precise and durable binding.

While gluing can temporarily fix small damage on area rugs, it is not a long-term solution, especially for high-quality or valuable rugs. For effective and lasting repairs, our rug edge repair service uses stitching and proper adhesives designed for textile preservation, ensuring the rug’s edges are restored without compromising the fabric’s integrity.

Professional carpet binding requires specialized equipment, such as a binding machine, which wraps the edge of the carpet with fabric or yarn. Additionally, a heavy-duty sewing machine may be used for thicker materials. At Megerian Rugs and Carpet Cleaners, we use the latest technology and equipment to provide precise and durable carpet binding services, ensuring high-quality results.

Hand serging is a method of finishing the edges of a rug by hand-stitching the perimeter with a continuous wrap of yarn or thread. This technique provides a clean, crafted look that enhances the rug’s durability and aesthetic appeal. Our hand-serging service meticulously matches the thread to the rug’s design, ensuring seamless integration and a beautifully finished edge.

Yes, hand serging can be applied to most types of rugs, including oriental, Persian, and modern synthetic rugs. This versatile finishing technique is suitable for a variety of materials and designs, making it an excellent choice for enhancing the durability and appearance of both antique and new rugs.

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