An authentic Oriental rug is a work of art and deserves special care. With regular conservation, you can preserve the vibrancy of the natural dyes, the suppleness of the wool, and the integrity of the hand-tied knots. A program of professional maintenance is essential to guard against the effects of improper vacuuming, moths, sunlight, and foot traffic. And to maintain the beauty and value of your rug, it is vital to replenish the lanolin content of the wool fibers regularly. With expert care, your masterpiece can be appreciated for centuries.

Megerian Rugs & Carpet Cleaners is the answer to your carpet care and maintenance needs. Since 1917, we have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals. Our experience and passion for hand-knotted rugs is unrivaled in the industry and guarantees you a unique level of service. We employ centuries-old Persian practices to preserve and restore your rug in our program of annual care, and take the same care with all your handwoven treasures including Aubusson, Savonneries, tapestries, needlepoints, and hooked rugs.

Our expert care does not end with our 10 step cleaning regimen. Before and after every rug is washed, we inspect it inch by inch to verify the condition of the fringe, edges, pile, and foundation, to name some items on our expanded care list. If restoration is necessary, our highly skilled artisans will provide you with the same quality of craftsmanship that we provide to museums, private collectors, and historical societies. When re-weaving is needed, we attempt to procure yarn of the closest match in fiber and dye to your hand-knotted rug for invisible repair.

Megerian Rugs & Carpet is honored to be entrusted with your rug. With proper care, a fine Oriental rug increases in worth both aesthetically and financially over time. Our goal is to conserve and protect your investment so that you and your family may continue to enjoy it for generations to come

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