How to Maintain a Rug

There are many potential dangers to your carpet in your home, but if you take the time to notice them you can prevent damage and have a long lasting, beautiful carpet. Good luck and remember to call your carpet cleaner at least once a year for a thorough carpet cleaning.

1. Use door mats at all entrances to reduce the amount of dirt tracked through your home.

2. Keep your kitchen floor clean - grease and oil can be tracked through your house and onto carpets.

3. Turn your rug every year to equalize the effects of traffic patterns and exposure to sunlight.

4. To remove dents/impressions in a carpet, rinse a cloth in cold water, place on the dent, and then iron a few times in the direction of the pile.

5. Vacuum regularly, at least two to three times per week, paying particular attention to heavy traffic areas.

6.Vacuum your rug in the direction of the nap. You can feel this with your hand.​

7. Do not vacuum the fringes of the rug. It breaks them. Sweep them with a broom instead.

8. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, this will stop dust being circulated back into the air that you breathe.

9. In case of spills, it is very important to act quickly. Blot spills by applying firm pressure with a cloth or paper towel. The longer liquids remain in the fabric, the more likely they are to cause stains.

10. When tackling a stain, always blot from the outside in, never scrub or rub as this will cause permanent damage to the carpet.

11. Do not clean your Oriental rug with steam cleaners or chemicals. These can prematurely age your rugs by robbing them of their natural oils.

12. Every few months give your rugs a visual inspection. The first evidence of wear is usually at the edges and ends. Also check the back for moth damage. (This will appear as areas of missing knots although the cotton foundation remains. Should you see anything amiss, call for our free consultation service immediately.)

13. Have your rugs cleaned by a professional Oriental rug cleaner at least every two to three years.