Water Damage Tips

With any water damage situation it is important to act quickly to salvage your possessions and prevent damage to your rug or carpet. Your first goal should be to remove as much moisture as possible from all surfaces. Below are some helpful tips that you can use immediately in a water damage situation. 

1. Remove as much excess water as possible by mopping and blotting.

2. If possible, hang area rugs up to dry.

3. Lift draperies off the carpet, as they have potential to bleed and stain your rug

4. Turn on the air conditioning to help dry your home out in the summer. Open windows to speed drying in winter.

5. Do not use ordinary household vacuums to remove water.

6. Do not use electrical appliances while on wet carpet or wet floors

7. Do not enter rooms with standing water if the electricity is still on

8. Do not lift tacked down carpet without professional help. Lifting the carpet incorrectly could damage the backing 

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